Longtime EMS worker forced to quit while battling aggressive form of cancer

Paul was diagnosed with colon cancer, but still gives back to those around him

The road of life is different for everyone.

You always have to make plans, Paul Snyder said. You just never think it's going to happen to you at 42-years-old."

Paul has hit a bump in the road with an aggressive form of cancer.

Sometimes you get a curveball thrown at you, he said. I got diagnosed with colon cancer in 2012. It's something I never expected."

The longtime Emergency Medical Services (EMS) worker in Hidalgo County had to quit.

But he won't let his giving nature take a backseat to cancer treatment.

Paul continues to give.

He purchased a washing machine and an air conditioning unit for friends who've been down on their luck.

The recipients are two sisters who want to Pay it 4Ward during Paul's time of need.

Mary Corona and Maria Salazar surprise him outside his Edinburg home.

I brought Ryan Wolf here today to let the Valley know how special you are to us, Mary said. You bought my mom an air conditioner. My mom a washer. You've been there for us. You're just an angel."

Maria reminds him how he loaned them his computer to fill out applications for jobs.

Plus you rented a room for us when we didn't have a place to stay, Mary added. You bought me groceries when I didn't have any food."

"You're my angel sent from heaven," Maria said while holding Paul TMs hand.

So today we brought Ryan Wolf to Pay it 4Ward," Mary said.

Bill Jones with GEF Financial Agency is standing by to award Paul the Pay it 4Ward prize.

You've been a blessing to this family, he told Paul. And we'd like for these blessings to continue. On behalf of Action 4 News and GEF Financial, please hold out your hand.

Bill hands him $400 in cash for his kindness.

Paul looks shocked.

Anything you can do to Pay it 4Ward is something I've been taught, he said. And I appreciate this. I'm totally caught off guard. Never did I expect this. I really appreciate it because at least it makes you feel good."

Paul's health is stable right now.

He says he needs CT scans for the next 3 months and continuous blood work.

Doctors have told him there's an 86 percent chance the cancer will return.

Sitting around feeling sorry for yourself isn't going to make you feel any better," he added.

So Paul continues to move forward with his life.

I was always taught no matter where you're at, you always try to help somebody the best you can, he said. Whether it's financially. Emotionally. However, any means possible. A ride. Simple things in life mean more than larger things."

The road he chooses to take is filled with compassion and kindness for others.

Don't forget to Pay it 4Ward, he said. You never know what can happen."

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