Loose goats cost Lyford man $1,000 dollars

A Lyford man received a citation after his goats where spotted in a neighbors backyard.

According to Dagoberto Balboa, a neighbor allegedly stole his goats before.

Balboa used to have 18 goats but he said 16 were stolen.

Balboa said he was able to get them back after finding them and reporting them to the authorities.

The goats are now costing him a pretty penny.

"They are never out of this place anymore, that door just came open that one time, and they went on that side," Balboa said. Fines can range from $200 to $1,000 dollars.

Balboa said he doesn't have the money.

Balboa claims the city has no right to cite him, because the goats were on county property.

"Right about right here this should be the city TMs boundaries from here on, it's suppose to be the counties," Balboa said. According to the Lyford City Police Chief Paul Campbell, the goats were found on the neighbors property.

Chief Campbell said that gives the city the right to issue a ticket.

As for Balboa, he said the goats where only out for a few minutes.

He quickly gathered them into the pin; and think the $1,000 dollar citation is too much.

"That is not my opinion on the amount of the fines, we don TMt set the rules of the fines we just enforce the law, but I want to make something clear, he did have the opportunity to contest this in a court of law," said Chief Campbell.

Balboa said he asked for Chief Campbell TMs assistance before and the chief told him it TMs not in his jurisdiction.

Balboa claims he is willing to go to jail and does not feel he should pay for a citation that is issued by the city, if it falls within county limits.

Action 4 News asked the chief if they were allowed to give citations if they exceed the city limits.

That if they are not sure where the property falls they are allowed to exceed by a couple of feet to stabilize the situation, later they would deal with the issue of who it belongs to," Chief Campbell replied.