Lopezville man killed in front of family

Neighbors living on Rodriguez St. said they would never forget the sounds of multiple gunshots, and of a woman screaming that her husband had been killed.A man that we are calling Tony" said, "All of a sudden you here gun shots 1...3|4 seconds later the second round goes off." Tony said the three men that were walking down the street seemed drunk, and were throwing out gang signs. Witnesses heard the trio yelling for someone to come out. As they approached the house, "Tony" says, there was a moment of silence and then he heard a scream. Tony" said, You just heard his wife screaming that they killed him and his kids crying; it TMs pretty messed up."Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino said they believe the victim may be associated with the Tri-City Bombers and may have been shot by members of a rival gang, the Chicano.Neighbors say the 31-year-old was a family man, with 3 small girls and 2 boys. Neighbors are asking for justice for the victim.Tony" said, "I hope that whoever did this, that there TMs justice cause he had kids."While Tony was terrified, he's more terrified for the victim's family who witnessed the horrific murder.To see his dad get shot in his face and die in his hands; you know I can imagine the pain he is feeling," "Tony" said.According to Sheriff Trevino, 1 person is in custody and they are still looking for two more.