Los Fresnos parents urged to check backpacks after toy gun at school

A 3rd grader used his backpack to sneak a toy gun into school.

A 3rd grader who used his backpack to sneak a toy gun into Lopez-Riggins Elementary School on Wednesday was caught after bragging about the fake weapon to a classmate.

Ronnie Zamora is spokesperson for the Los Fresnos Consolidated Independent School District."He showed it to another student... that student then reported it to the teacher... the teacher reported it to an administrator... the administrator called the student in and the student's backpack was checked where the toy gun was found in the student's backpack," he confirmed.

The student in question was suspended for the remainder of the week.The principal also sent a letter home with all students to alert school parents about the incident, a standard procedure according to the district.

But this time parents were also reminded to check their children's backpacks before school to ensure the safety of others.

"The school district takes these matters seriously," Zamora said. "Any kind of weapon, whether it's a toy gun or a real gun or a knife of what have you... this kind of stuff will not be tolerated."

The school's response is getting both praise and criticism. That's because some parents said they never received that letter sent home and felt as though school leaders were trying to sweep the problem under the carpet when they learned about the incident from another source.

Maria Ramirez was one of those parents who claimed she did not receive the letter.She believes the district should try multiple avenues to reach parents on important issues related to student safety.

"I don't know if they'd be able to call every parent but maybe something else like maybe put it on TV or something like that," Ramirez said. "Everybody watches the news or something like that."

Veronica Lopez received the letter from her 5th grade daughter but believes both parents and teachers should be doing more.

"Why did it have to be another student to come and tell the administrator or the teacher?" Lopez asked. "Where was the teacher?"

It's a question surrounding one issue that's important to everyone involved-- the safety of students.

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