Lottery tickets selling quickly at 'lucky' La Blanca store

Edinburg resident Julia de la Garza made a pit stop to buy a ticket.

Lottery tickets are selling like hotcakes at the El Tigre gas station off U.S. Highway 107 in La Blanca.

Regular customer Esperanza Farias recently won over $1 million dollars from a weekly grand scratch off ticket.

News of her big win spread to surrounding communities.

El Tigre managers told Action 4 News that customers are driving from miles away to buy their tickets at the "lucky" store.

Edinburg resident Julia de la Garza said she's hoping lightning will strike twice.

She and her family were driving to Donna on Saturday but made a quick pit stop to buy lottery tickets.

De la Garza said she's picks numbers from her daughter's, husband's and her own birthday.

Edinburg resident Oralia Gonzalez came in to trade in a winning lottery ticket for another scratch off.

"I'm hoping that we can win a sweet million dollars too," she said in Spanish.

Assistant Store Manager Oswaldo Gomez sold the winning ticket to Farias.

He said the store sells a lot of $50 and $100 winning scratch off tickets.

But after Farias' big win, he said customers are driving from Edinburg, Mission and Palmview for tickets.

Gomez said the store keeps selling out of Weekly Grand scratch-off tickets because of people hoping lightning will strike twice.

He said Farias and her family still come in to buy lottery tickets at the store.