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      Lovers TM quarrel ends with violence at fast food restaurant

      Isaac Sada-Vasquez // Pharr PD

      Authorities are investigating an aggravated assault where the suspect allegedly attempted to stab the victim while they were working Monday morning.

      Pharr police arrested Isaac Sada-Vasquez after he allegedly tried to stab his co-worker at Jack in the Box on 702 S. Jackson.

      According to police, Sada-Vasquez wanted to discuss his relationship with the victim.

      As the victim attempted to walk away, the 29-year-old grabbed a knife from a sink nearby.

      Police said the victim was able to grab Sada-Vasquez TMs hands to stop him.

      The suspect pulled back his hands and cut the victim TMs left hand.

      She was treated at a local hospital for the wound.

      Pharr police said when they arrived at the scene, Sada-Vasquez had a self-inflicted knife wound to his neck.

      He was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

      Police arrested the 29-year-old and transported him to the Pharr Police Department Thursday morning.

      Judge Singleterry charged Sada-Vasquez with aggravated assault and set a bond at $75,000.

      If you have any information on this incident, contact Pharr Crime Stoppers at (956) 787-8477.