Low insurance payment for hail damage in McAllen

A McAllen man said he was underpaid by his insurance provider after his business was damaged from the hail storm back in March.

Javi Moreno TMs McAllen burger joint received significant damage from the hail storm back in March.

He said the money his insurance company was willing to pay wouldn't even scratch the surface.

They said they were going to only pay out so much, and they didn TMt even pay enough, said Moreno. We were barely going to have enough just to fix the signs.

That was until David Lee stepped in.

He's a public adjuster and a claim service specialist.

After he saw the damage Moreno had to his business, he said he knew the insurance company was only paying a fraction of what Moreno needed to properly repair his business.

"They're not paying for the proper damages that goes by what the policy says, said Lee.

Lee claims many insurance companies have unfairly underpaid their customers after the hail storm, and warns people to be aware of their policy during this hurricane season.

He said many customers settled with the money insurance companies gave them, and had to pay thousands of dollars in damage repairs out of pocket.

Lee advises property owners who still have damages from the hail storm to get the money they need before bad weather strikes again.

"They need to go ahead and get with a contractor, get the repairs done and settled out, said Lee. If they're happy with their settlement, they need to turn around and find a specialist if they're not happy with their settlement. Find a public adjuster and actually put one to work for you."