Luchador promoter unmasks kindness with free matches for kids

Ruby Gonazlez and lucha libre wrestler

Colorful masks and high-flying maneuvers! Lucha Libre wrestlers hit the ring with high intensity and excitement at an event put on for underprivileged children at the Boys & Girls Club in McAllen. The promoter behind it is 22-year-old Ruby Gonzalez of Pharr. This college student who aspires to be an attorney has learned the importance of giving back to the community after living through some very difficult times. Her soft-spoken friend Lizbeth Prieto, who's 18, looks up to Ruby and wants to Pay it 4Ward. She surprises her with the nomination at her apartment in McAllen. "I wanted to do something special for you," she told Ruby. "You're an amazing person. All the things you have done have inspired me to be a better person and when I grow up I want to do the same. What you did for the kids is really, really amazing.

On behalf of FNB Insurance and Action 4 News, I want to Pay it 4Ward." Lizbeth hands her $400 in cash as part of the Pay it 4Ward prize. It's money that will go a long way to helping her with bills, according to Ruby. Ruby puts on free wrestling shows for boys from the La Esperanza Home in Combes. Kids, some as young as 10, are housed there until they are reunited with their parents after crossing into the US illegally. "Oh my gosh... they go crazy!" Ruby said about the children in the crowd. "They were cheering. My mom bought masks for them." Ruby says it's her mom who taught her the importance of giving back. A few years ago her family fell on tough times. "We almost lost our house," she said. We went through tough economic times. I think back to those times and when I needed help, people were like; oh I don't know you anymore because I didn't have a million dollars in the bank anymore. So I know what it's like when you need help and you're feeling down and nobody wants to help you. So I try to help as much as I can." Bill Jones with FNB Insurance Agency recognizes the sacrifices Ruby's had to make. He provides the cash for kindness as a Pay it 4Ward partner. "I really thank you for bringing sunshine into these young children on cloudy days," FNB's spokesperson said. "You do a terrific job. You're so unselfish. Thank you so much." Ruby doesn't have a lot, but her kindness is unmasked with every show. "Pay it 4Ward," she said.

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