Lucio speaks about bill to require adoption course before abortion

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A Texas Democrat in the state senate is pushing forward asking for new restrictions for women seeking an abortion.

Democratic Senator Eddie Lucio Jr. filed a bill Tuesday that would require those women to take an adoption course before the procedure.

"I know that it TMs a controversial bill. Most are anyways-you obviously have your opponents and your supporters," Senator Eddie Lucio Jr.said.

His newly filed Senate Bill 42 is already making waves.

Becca Cadoff with the Reproductive Freedom Project posted on the ACLU's online blog of rights, "We should make sure all options are available to every woman, and ensure that each woman receives unbiased counseling and accurate education. But the information should not be intended to shame or pressure the woman into changing her mind or making a decision that is not right for her. This bill is political interference, not informed consent, she said.

Senator Lucio's bill would require women seeking abortions to take a three-hour long course about adoption. They would have to receive a certificate of completion from the course and wait 24 hours before going through with the procedure. He tells Action 4 News this issue carries a lot of weight.

"This issue I think is one that's paramount-one that to me is most important because it deals with life and death," said Senator Lucio.

Lucio said he knows unplanned pregnancies happen and some women may feel they aren't yet ready for motherhood. He says abortion isn't the only option and wants women to make the most informed decision.

"If we can set up a three hour educational course that will hopefully inspire or have women give a second thought to their abortion thoughts and give up the child up for adoption| if we can save a few lives then I feel it will be worth the effort," he told us.

Lucio said he'd like to see unborn children given a chance at life.

Senate Bill 42 is currently being redrafted. Senator Lucio says he hopes his bill will move forward and be placed on the agenda for the upcoming third session.

Senator Lucio speaks about bill to require adoption course.

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