Luxury limo catches fire on expressway in San Benito

VIP luxury limo

A luxury limo went up in flames on the side of Expressway 77 in San Benito just after 3 a.m. Sunday morning.

The driver of the RV lost power of the vehicle so he pulled off to the side of the expressway.

He had just dropped off a party of 14 people and was coming back from South Padre Island.

Once he and the DJ noticed smoke coming from the vehicle, they called 911 and attempted to get out of the limo.

The man said he had a little trouble opening the door to get him and the DJ out of the RV.

By the time San Benito Fire Department arrived, the vehicle was half-way engulfed in flames.

The limo belonged to VIP Luxury Limousines out of Hidalgo.

The expressway had to be shutdown and the Texas Department of Public Safety came to clean up the side of the road.

The driver and DJ are okay and no major damage was done to the expressway.

The limousine fire is under investigation.