Lyford teen goes on trial for friend's ATV death

Gabriela Rivera was killed in the accident.

The trial of a Willacy County teen involved in a fatal ATV accident last year is now underway.

The teenager is facing charges of manslaughter and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and causing severe bodily injury.

Testimony began in the criminal case late Monday afternoon following jury selection.

The teen was allegedly driving the ATV when it flipped a year ago in Lyford and killed 15-year-old Gaby Rivera and injured Mireya Ortega.

The group of eight Lyford High School volleyball players were involved in the accident. Prosecutors believe the teen on trial was driving when she hit a patch of mud on the road, which caused the ATV to flip.

Gaby Rivera died on scene. Mireya Ortega suffered severe injuries and she was hospitalized for several weeks before being released. She continues to recover, but is back in school.

At this time, the defense attorney for the teen and the family have declined to speak to us about the case. As for the victim's family members, they have not returned our calls.

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