Lyford teen in critical condition from accident that killed friend

As soon as Maria Garcia got notice that her little sister, 15-year-old Mireya Ortega, was in critical condition following a roll over ATV accident Monday night in Lyford, she rushed to be by her side.

"I went crazy I didn TMt know what to do, Garcia said. When they told us she was in critical condition, it's like everything stopped."

The family is optimistic about Mireya TMs recovery, but they have not received the news they TMve been hoping for from doctors.

The teen TMs injuries were extensive.

The family said the ATV Polaris mule landed on top of the teen after it flipped.

"Everything is working - her body is functioning pretty good, the only thing is they're having trouble with the brain, Maria Ortega, the teen TMs aunt said. Maybe it was the lack of oxygen by the time the ambulance got there or (by the time) they took-off whatever was on top of her."

Still, the family refuses to believe that Mireya will not survive this, especially since she's showing signs of life when she hears a familiar voice.

"She starts panicking, so when my mom talks to her she like stops," her sister said.

Fellow athlete Kassy Hernandez said Mireya is one of her best friends. She said her heart is broken after seeing Mireya on life support, and adds things at school have not been the same.

"This is not something, you prepare for - it's like you never think it's going to happen to you and then when it happens it's (horrible)."