Lyford teen now able to walk after accident killed her friend

A Lyford teen who spent several days in critical condition after an accident that killed one of her best friends is walking about and out of intensive care.

The family of Mireya Ortega told Action 4 News that their daughter TMs progress is nothing short of a miracle.

Just a week ago, doctor TMs weren TMt even sure if the 15-year-old girl would even survive the ATV accident.

But as of Tuesday, she is defying the odds and making progress in strides.

Ortega was one of eight Lyford High School students involved in a fatal rollover accident that killed her 15-year-old Gabriela Gaby Rivera back on September 17th.

According to Ortega TMs family, the ATV landed on their daughter causing serious injuries to her liver and lungs.

Just last week, Ortega was on life support and unable to breathe on her own.

She was unable to keep any liquids down but her health is quickly improving.

Ortega was finally taken out of ICU and placed in a regular room at the Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harilngen.

She was also able to eat some of her favorite food today: buffalo wings.

Family members said Ortega does not remember the accident and that she doesn TMt know that one of her best friends died that day.

Ortega is able to communicate a little more now and is able to say words like water and restroom.

The Lyford teen is expected to go through physical therapy.