Lyford teen survivor speaks out about tragic roll over

Mireya Ortega, 15, hasn't forgotten everything. Like most girls her age, she looks up at a poster on her wall and remembers that Justin Beiber is still her boyfriend.

However, when it comes to teachers, some friends and recent events, she TMs quick to admit that for the most part, she doesn TMt remember much.

All Mireya can remember, two weeks after being on life support is that she was in a car accident and (she) flipped over."

The teen is one of eight girls involved in an ATV rollover in Lyford on September 17.

Gaby Rivera, 15, died in that accident.

As per doctor's orders, the Ortega family had not told Mireya about the fatal accident, until just last night.

Mireya told Action 4 News she and Gaby had been friends since they were young girls.

The teen admits having memories from throughout her life wiped out, is scary.

However, she's not losing hope things will come back to her some day.

Mireya can walk and move her hands for simple tasks like eating, but the once Lyford High School Volleyball and Basketball Lady Dog, isn't quite back to her athletic self.

The Ortega family is now challenged with finding a way to pay for Mireya TMs therapy.

Her mother works but does not have insurance for her daughter, and she tells Action 4 News, she was denied by Medicaid in the past.

She's reapplied for it, but doesn't know if she'll get the help.

Mireya wants to go back to school, but will have to settle for home schooling for now.

If you would like to help the Ortega family pay for Mireya TMs therapy, you can make your donation at any Frost Bank under the account name Ramona Ortega.