MADD campaigning to eliminate drunk driving for good

Mothers Against Drunk Driving has a campaign to use emerging technology to help eliminate drunk driving for good.

"Drunk driving is a danger to all of us", said Ana Verley, the organization's local victims advocate. "We hope that at some point in our lifetime we are going to eliminate drunk driving."

Part of MADD's campaign is supporting ignition interlocks inside vehicles for anyone who is convicted of driving drunk.

An ignition interlock device can be installed in the dashboards of cars.

Operating like a breathalyzer, the driver must exhale into the device. If their breath-alcohol is too high, the car won't start.

"We support emerging technology that's going to keep a drunk driver from getting into their vehicle and driving to keep us all safe", said Verley.

Texas lawmakers will look ignition interlocks, sobriety check points and other initiatives this upcoming legislative session in January.

Authorities reported that the Lone Star State had 1,269 deaths in alcohol related traffic accidents in 2009.

Action 4 News caught up with Linda Perez who was hit by a drunk driver nine years ago.

Perez has had to endure hardships ever since.

Perez along with MADD have made it a mission to educate drivers not get behind the wheel drunk.

They say drinking and driving is preventable.