Mail to resume for residents behind road block

Post office

Palmview residents who live between a roadblock and Expressway 83 on Bentsen Palm Drive will finally get mail service again.

About a week ago, their mailman stopped delivering mail after a roadblock was put up as crews worked to repair a damaged bridge over a canal.

Resident Elia Ochoa depends on the postal service to place bids on contracts for work.

If I don TMt get the mail, I won TMt be able to bid, Elia said.

Elia and her sister Belen Ochoa contacted their local post office in Mission.

They were told construction on the bridge blocked the mail man TMs route.

We are getting trash picked up, our brush picked up, Elia said.

The sisters were informed that residents who live behind the roadblock would have to pick their mail up from the main office once a week.

The only reason I found out is because I called, otherwise I would have never known what to do, Belen said.

Construction on the bridge is expected to last at least three months, which means at least 12 trips to the post office for the Ochoa sisters.

"It is a big inconvenience for us to drive all the way to Mission to get our mail," Belen said.

Action 4 contacted the main post office in Austin, after a few hours of waiting, a spokesman said they had resolved the issue.

The U.S. Postal Service will resume delivering mail to the residents behind the roadblock starting tomorrow.

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