Mailman blamed for lost package

Eduardo de Leon blames his mailman for losing a valuable package

The United States is known to have one of the most reliable mail delivery systems in the world, but one Brownsville man says he is constantly receiving other people's mail and blames his local mailman for losing his valuable package.

Eduardo de Leon spent $350 online for a new rifle scope.

After it arrived in the mail, he realized it didn't fit.

Eduardo sent it back for a replacement, weeks later, it still hasn't arrived.

"[The mailman] hand deliver it to my door, I don't see why he didn't do it a second time," Eduardo said of his mailman.

Eduardo works for Brownsville ISD and due to Hurricane Ingrid, he had that day off.

"I called the company and said I'm still waiting for my package, and they said it was delivered on September 16. So I checked with the post office who said it was delivered, Eduardo said.

Eduardo's sister Lupita orders plants through the mail all the time and says she TMs never lost a package, but recently says they have received a lot of mail that doesn't belong to them.

"We've gotten several envelopes that don TMt belong to us and we usually just return them back, usually from people on the same street but lately we TMve gotten several pieces of mail that don TMt belong on this street at all, Lupita said.

While it may have just been an honest mistake, it still cost Eduardo $350.

Just like he (the mailman) left this wrong envelope at my address, maybe he left my package somewhere else, Eduardo said.

While the vast majority of packages do arrive to their destination, the USPS says they are dedicated to helping their customers find lost packages; just contact your local post office.

"We certainly apologize for any packages that do get misplaced and try to work with the customer to see if we can find that package, USPS public information officer Stephen Seewoester said.

The USPS still has a case file open for Eduardo TMs missing package, but because the company he bought it from didn't insure the package, if it's not found, he will be the one who loses the money.

To insure you don't lose any packages this holiday season, Seewoester suggests tracking your package online with its assigned tracking number, to buy insurance for high value items, and to mail your packages early.

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