Man accused of molesting dog arrested, neighbors voice concerns

~Carlos TM treats his beloved pup as one of his own.

So, on Tuesday morning when he went to feed the family pet"what he saw nearly sent him over the edge.

"It's something that you really can't imagine, ~Carlos TM explained. I see my neighbor out there with his pants down--molesting my dog. I wasn't prepared to see that that morning."

~Carlos TM said he calmed himself down and quickly called police.

Several minutes later they arrived and arrested Jose Angel Hernandez for public lewdness.

However, the arrest does not give ~Carlos TM much peace.

"First of all it's wrong. He was doing bad stuff to my dog and it was only three feet from my kids bedroom window, he said. There is no sense of security at home anymore. We're just looking out the window and we don't feel comfortable anymore."

A nearby neighbor, we will call ~Janice TM told Action 4 News that this was just one of the many incidents involving Hernandez exposing himself in public.

With a 4 and 8-year-old at home, ~Janice TM said this latest act has her concerned for the safety of her children.

"He jumped my neighbors fence to get his dog, said Janice. Who is to say he won't jump mine."

Sergeant Rudy Luna with San Juan police told Action 4 News they arrested Hernandez back in February for exposing himself to those living on Bailey Street in San Juan.

He said this latest act is considered a misdemeanor---but if Hernandez continues on this path the charges can be upgraded.

"He's already been accused of two sexual acts, Luna started. One was where he exposed himself and now this...with the neighbor TMs dog. It will come to the point where the offenses will be upgraded."

Hernandez was charged with public lewdness and given a $1,000 bond.