Man accused of murdering infant plans to appeal

Abraham Proenza

A man sentenced to 40 years in prison for the death of a four-month-old boy plans to appeal.

A jury found Abraham Proenza guilty for injury to a child and murder back in February.

Proenza was sentenced for the death of his nephew Aiden Valdez according to authorities the baby was starved to death but Proneza insists he is innocent.

In a hearing today Proenza told State District Judge Elia Cornejo Lopez that he's been working to hire an attorney to appeal his case but he has been unsuccessful so far.

His mother Rosalinda Proenza also testified saying her son is innocent of murder.

The tearful mother said maybe her son is guilty of negligence in seeking medical attention for baby Aiden, but says Abraham Proenza is not responsible for his death.

According to her, the baby already had medical complications before he died under Abraham Proenza's watch.

Baby Aiden was found unresponsive at Abraham Proenza's La Paloma mobile home in 2011.

Abraham Proenza was caring for the infant while his mother worked in Minnesota.

Abraham Proenza's mother told the judge she has spent over $30,000 trying to hire attorneys and the family has no money left.

The Judge declared Abraham Proenza indigent so that a court appointed attorney will be assigned to his case.

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