Man accused of rape after drilling out closet doorknob

Jorge Garza // Cameron County jail

A Brownsville man is behind bars after he allegedly raped a woman and threw her phone as she attempted to call 911.

Jorge Garza is behind bars on four counts including sexual assault and interfering with an emergency call.

It all started when a woman was asleep in her bedroom and Garza woke her up by grabbing her waist with both hands, according to court documents obtained by Action 4 News.

That TMs when Garza sexually assaulted her approximately four to five times, according to the documents.

She stated to police that after the sexual assault, Garza told her to use the restroom so she would not get pregnant.

The woman grabbed her cellular phone to call authorities, went downstairs and locked herself in a bedroom.

She then placed items on the floor next to the door in fear Garza would enter the room.

Garza then allegedly pushed the door open, grabbed her hair and began to bang her head against the door.

When Garza left, the woman then went into a closet in an attempt to call 911.

That is when Garza allegedly returned and drilled out the doorknob to the closet the woman was in.

Once Garza tried to take her upstairs, she allegedly slapped Garza then threw a wooden statue at him.

The woman stated to authorities that she was taken up the stairs and hit several steps on the way up causing severe pain to her stomach.

Police responded to the 911 hang up and rang the front doorbell of the house, when they heard a woman screaming.

The woman then opened the door and authorities were able to located Garza and placed him under arrest.

Garza is behind bars for interference with an emergency telephone call, unlawful restraint, sexual assault and an assault charge.

Action 4 News does not identify victims of sexual abuse, but police records reveal that the woman knew Garza.

His bond was set at $47,000.

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