Man arrested after being paid $600 a week to manage stash house

A Brownsville man was indicted after 63 immigrants who were present in the U.S. illegally were found in a home he was renting.

Authorities learned that Christian Alejandro Tapia was the tenant of the stash house from two of the home TMs caretakers.

The caretakers were also arrested for the alleged crime and Tapia TMs identification was found in the vehicle driven by the caretakers.

Brownsville Public Utility Board records reveled that Tapia had been paying utilities for the home located on Catherine Lane.

Nearly a month after the 63 immigrants were found in the stash house, Homeland Security Investigations Special Agents and U.S. Border Patrol Agents went to the residence where Tapia consented to a search.

During the search, agents discovered three more immigrants who were present in the U.S. illegally.

Tapia also allegedly admitted that he was a caretaker for the home and that he worked with the other two individuals to manage the home.

He admitted to agents that he was harboring immigrants since late February and said he was paid about $600 a week, according to court documents.

Tapia allegedly said his job was to find stash houses.

He faces felony charges for conspiracy to harbor aliens within the U.S.

Tapia will be arraigned on July 24th at 8:45 a.m. before Judge Andrew Hanen.