Man arrested after hallucinating theft, shooting gun while high

Oscar Eliseo Tamez // Harlingen PD

A man was taken into custody after he allegedly hallucinated, fired his gun and thought he saw men stealing his boat.

It all happened on the 100 block of Orange Grove Drive Friday around 1:30 p.m.

Harlingen police responded to a theft in progress call.

As officers arrived at the scene, they came into contact with Oscar Eliseo Tamez who said he saw three men attempting to steal his boat.

Tamez told police that he then shot his 9mm Hi-Point handgun three times in the direction he saw the men.

An investigation showed that Tamez was hallucinating from drugs he had taken.

Police arrested the 45-year-old.

The Harlingen resident was fined $339 for discharge of firearm, a class C misdemeanor.