Man arrested for drunk driving assaults officers

Gilbert Lopez // San Benito PD

A man is behind bars after he allegedly drove drunk, lied about his identity, resisted arrest and assaulted officers.

A San Benito Officer stopped Gilbert Lopez Wednesday around 6 a.m. on the North Frontage Road and Ratliff Street.

Lopez originally told police he was Juan Lopez Jr. during the traffic stop.

The officer conducted a standardized field sobriety test after he detected an odor of alcohol.

Authorities arrested Lopez, and transported him to San Benito City Jail.

After police were booking him, records showed that there was no Juan Lopez Jr.

Gilbert then admitted he used a false name, and a criminal history report showed that the 45-year-old had a previous DWI arrest.

Police said that Lopez refused to be transported to a local hospital for a mandatory blood draw.

During the incident, Lopez allegedly punched an officer in the head and kicked another official in the upper thigh.

Police detained the 45-year-old and when he was taken to the hospital, he attempted to hit the staff.

After the blood draw, Lopez was taken back to the San Benito City Jail.

Lopez was charged with driving while intoxicated3rd or more, two counts of assault on a public servant, resisting arrest search or transportation and failure to identify.

Justice of the Peace Judge David Garza arraigned Lopez.

A bond of $35,000 was set for the 45-year-old.