Man attacks parents, stabs dog while high on 'ice'

Joe Vasquez

"I think its worse than crack," McAllen resident David Olivo said.

Olivo is talking about a drug called ice, a methanphatamine not commonly used in the Rio Grande Valley.

"The drug took over him and he tried to hurt his own family," he said.

Sunday night his stepson, Joe Vasquez allegedly attacked Olivo and his wife with a homemade shank while he was high on ice.

Ice is highly addictive illegal drug that can be made at home.

"See my son was having problems and we were trying to help him best we could," Olivo said.

Olivo said his 26 year-old step-son's addiction started shortly after he was released from prison.

Vasquez found a job and was staying at his parents McAllen home, but soon fell into drugs.

"He came out looking good and two to three weeks later he looked like a toothpick," Olivo said.

Vasquez stopped eating, sleeping and had sevre mood swings, all common side effects of the drug.

"Meth is a dangerous drug because it causes addiction and it can lead to violent behavior in individuals," Lt. Joel Morales, McAllen Police Department, said.

The attack happened after Vasquez arrived home after the Superbowl on Sunday.

What he did next shocked everyone inside.

"He started saying Im going to stab you, I'm going to stab you," Olivo said.

Vasquez allegedly pulled out a homemade shank and started stabbing Jay, the family dog.

Court documents indicate Vasquez then turned his attention to his step-dad, stabbing him in the arm and the ear.

"He almost tore it off, they had to superglue it back together," Olivo said.

He believes he could have died if it wasn't for Jay who started attacking Vasquez and his girlfriend.

"My wife was trying to get the dog away but the dog was only trying to defend me and help me," he said.

Right now Jay is in quarentine at Palm Valley Animal Center and is expected to be released to his owners in six days.

Vasquez is in the Hidalgo County jail charged with two counts of aggravated assault and cruelty to animals.