Man burns face fighting fire at own home

A La Feria man burned his face and arms in an attempt to fight the flames that attacked his home.

Good Samaritan, Luciano Rodriguez, who stopped to help, saw the homeowner using a garden hose to try to save his house and two pets stuck inside.

He couldn TMt really talk or anything because he was covered with black stuff all over his face, said Rodriguez. He had burns all over his face.

He told Action 4 News he tried to convince the homeowner to step away after pointing to a nearby propane tank that could explode.

He said he had his dog and bird in the house and that was his biggest worry at that point. said Rodriguez.

The man was rushed to the hospital and his pets reportedly did not make it.

The Cameron County fire marshall told Action 4 News that loose wires, said to be sparking before the blaze, could be the cause of the fire.

He warns everyone not to try to fight fires by yourself.