Man calls for action about neighborhood TMs parking situation

A man fed up with his neighborhood TMs parking situation is calling for action.

He said cars line both sides of the street giving only one lane to get through something he said is a hazard.

Jose Gonzales said he TMs lived in the neighborhood for over a year, and he said he TMs fed up with the parking situation.

At noon time each workday, the street is clear but the later it gets, the more cars park on each side of the road eventually making the 1700 and 1800 block of Jason Avenue in Edinburg a one way street.

"Ever since I've been here it's been like that, said Gonzales. I mean nobody takes action."

That's why Jose Gonzales called Action 4 News.

"Kids sometimes they'll have to wait for the bus stop over here and then have to walk through there and they're walking too close to the road and you have cars going by, so I feel that's a danger to them too, said Gonzales.

Throughout the street, parking violations are evident: cars parked under no parking signs and motorcycles parked in yellow marked areas.

Gonzales said in the year and a half he's lived in this neighborhood, he hasn't seen police enforce these violations.

"Either tow them away or somebody give citations until they start learning because they do have their own parking in the back of the apartments," said Gonzales.

He said he's afraid if the violations aren't enforced, the results could be devastating.

Someone can get hurt or run over."

We took Gonzales' concerns to Edinburg police Lieutenant Oscar Trevino.

"We are interested in your concerns and we want to do our best to help you out," said Trevino.

Trevino tells us the chief of police has requested that the community oriented policing division take immediate action.

"We want to go ahead and ensure that if there are any vehicles that are in violation, they will be ticketed and will be towed away if there are any continuous violations," said Trevino.

To prevent any confusion, the division will also address whether the yellow marked areas need to be repainted and the no parking signs replaced.