Man calls Mexican flag inside Mercedes school 'disrespectful'

With Veterans Day a week away, a Mercedes man is especially upset over one school's auditorium display of the Mexican flag right alongside an American flag.

He calls it disrespectful.

David Garza posted video on YouTube of the flags in question inside the Mercedes Early Childhood Center.

The scenery included a Mexican flag equally alongside an American flag and Texas State flag.

David feels it's a slap in the face to the United States, the country he loves.

"To me it's a disrespect to the taxpayer, it's a disrespect to the veterans and I just felt that flag needed to come down," he said.

The self-proclaimed patriot made the video recording while attending a political forum at the school last month.

David doesn't think the Mexican flag should be honored at the school in the same way as the other two flags.

He says it's the school's responsibility, regardless of a bicultural region, to teach young minds respect for what the American flag symbolizes.

"The heritage is one thing, history is another," he explained. "But you're in the United States of America. You're in Texas."

It turns out the Mexican flag that once sat atop the painted post office scene was donated to the school by teachers from across the border, according to Evangelina Gracia, principal at the school.

It sat on display in the auditorium for years and even during veteran ceremonies.

Nobody has complained about it until now.

Evangelina says the flags were never meant to be offensive.

Signs of American patriotism can be seen the minute students walk through the door.

"The principal that was here before me was a veteran himself," Evangelina said. "He started the Veteran's Day assemblies and parades. We actually will be having ours next week."

All 3 flags have been removed from the cityscape.

The auditorium will soon undergo renovations.

The school doesn't plan to put a Mexican flag back up.

Lydia Caballero, a veteran with America's Last Patrol, thinks a Mexican flag at the school is okay to if respectfully displayed below the American flag.

"The reason that our flag stands above all others is because people have lived and died for that flag," she said.

It's the one flag school leaders say will always be on display.

United States flag code relating to the position and manner of display states that when flags of two or more nations are displayed that they are to be flown from separate staffs of the same height.

The flags should also be of approximately equal size.

International usage forbids the display of the flag of one nation above that of another nation in time of peace.

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