Man caught illegally selling inspection stickers at car lot

An undercover investigation, that began in January, led to the arrest of a man who was illegally selling inspection certificates at a San Benito car lot.

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) received a call from an anonymous caller at the beginning of the year informing the troopers of what was going on at GT Motors.

The caller reported that the car lot had been selling Texas Motor Vehicle Inspection Stickers to customers when they weren TMt licensed to do so.

DPS inspectors confirmed that GT Motors was not licensed, therefore they should not conduct inspections nor should they be selling them.

An agent went undercover to the car lot on 1241 E. Expressway 77/83 to see if anyone would sell him a sticker.

When he asked where he could have his vehicle inspected, a man directed him to go inside a building at the corner of the property.

Once inside, the agent was greeted by 44-year-old Sergio Gamboa Trevio, who did not release his name at the time.

The agent asked if he could have his vehicle inspected.

Trevio told him no, but said he receives the inspections certificates from Brownsville for the cars that he sells.

The agent, undercover name ~Ray Lopez TM, made a request to have two certificates.

Trevio agreed to sell him two certificates for $50.00 a piece.

~Lopez TM agreed to the deal, and Trevio pulled two up-to-date stickers out of a business bag.

After the agent payed, he noticed that the stickers had already had the station number and name written in by someone else.

Trevio advised him that before he put the stickers on his two cars, to make sure that he writes in the vehicles mileage.

The agent took the stickers back to DPS and they confirmed that the certificates were from inspections conducted at two different stations in the valley and they belonged to two different vehicles.

The agent went back to GT Motors on May 16, this time, asking Trevio if he could buy two tractor commercial certificates.

Trevio told him that he didn TMt have those on hand, but he could contact his friend ~Guero TM to help him out.

Via the telephone, ~Guero TM told Trevio that he needed to see the tractors before he could deliver certificates.

At the end of the phone conversation ~Guero TM said he would not participate in this particular transaction.

Trevio told the agent that he would try to get a hold of his other friends to see if they could get him commercial certificates, but they were going to cost $120 each.

Trevio was placed under arrest on Wednesday and taken to the Cameron County Jail.

He was charged with engaging in criminal activity and tampering with governmental records.

His bonds totaled $40,000.