Man claims he shot neighbor's dog to protect his family

Rogelio Handy said he shot his neighborâ??s dog to protect his family.

A Mercedes man said he shot his neighbor TMs dog to protect his family since the dogs are constantly going on his property.

Rogelio and Rosalinda Handy claim they have talked to their neighbors, animal control officers and the sheriff's department deputies numerous times.

However, the dogs continue to be on the loose and crossing into the Handy TMs property. I have 17 grandchildren, when they come to visit you know when they are here I am afraid those dogs you know, if they get bitten by those dogs, Rosalinda Handy said. It TMs not like just one dog; he's got about 6 dogs, maybe more than 6 dogs."

The dogs their neighbors own are stray dogs that they take in.

Rogelio one day had enough and he took matters into his own hands.

"Finally I got the nerves shooting him in the legs and I shot him with my pellet gun," Rogelio Handy said.

Rogelio was arrested and charged with felony cruelty to a non-livestock animal.

A charge which Rogelio claims is unfair.

"It TMs not a felony charge and I am booked with a felony charge, this is not right, that TMs not right, Handy said. This is my property; I got to protect my property."

Action 4 news spoke with the dog owner, Elida Brockington, who claims the dog was in her property when Rogelio shot him.

"Well my dog was on our side of the scene, Brockington said. I was not here unfortunately, my neighbor saw our other neighbor, Roy, shoot my dog and my dog was on our side of the fence."

Rogelio is tired of this ongoing problem.

Rogelio said he has tried closing the holes through where the dogs go through to get in his property, but they still manage to find a way inside.

"Jim's dog came in this property numerous times, Handy said. I once told him to do something about it, apparently he doesn't care cause his dogs are still coming to the property doing damages.

The dog Rogelio shot survived.

The Handy's insist they are protecting their family.

They're asking their neighbors to tie their dogs or find some way to keep them off their property.