Man claims he was deceived by remodeling company

Dennis Pisapia

Dennis Pisapia paid more than $24,000 to have an addition built at his home on Beck Street in Harlingen.

"We just didn't have any more room so we needed to expand," Pisapia said.

The work was done by Remodelers Incorporated, a business recommended to him by a home improvement store, but Pisapia says the work was shoddy.

"The doors don't close. The room is not square," he said.

He claims Salvatore Monteleone of Remodelers Inc. also did a bad job on siding for the home.

The home improvement store corrected the siding issue, but since the additional room was a separate job, it must be settled with Monteleone.

"I call him and it goes to voicemail and it says the voicemail is full so I can't even leave a message," Pisapia said.

The plot thickens as Pisapia said he has records showing he paid Monteleone an additional $4,500 to install a central air condition.

Clearly the home is still being cooled by wall units, and there is no central air installed.

"He never came back to do the work and according to our contract, if I cancel the order, he can come back and sue me even though he hasn't done anything in months, Pisapia said.

Pisapia has an option to take Remodelers, Inc. and Monteleone to arbitration but fears that may end up costing him more than what he is owed.

He is stuck between a rock and a hard place and is disappointed in himself after he put his trust and money into Remodelers Incorporated.

He used money he inherited from his father into a person he claims scammed him.

"We got that money from my father's house. We have nothing left in savings now," Pisapia said.

Action 4 News called the number on a business card from Remodelers, Inc., but have not heard back from Monteleone.