Man claims school administrators failed to report cheating on TEXES

Ignite Public School

Most educators work hard to prevent students from cheating, but a former Ignite Charter School employee says when another employee admitted to cheating on the "TEXES" teacher certification test, the district failed to report it.

At the start of the school year when an anonymous tip was given to the TEA that TEXES exams were being sold the Texas Attorney General's Office launched an investigation.

The investigation led to the arrest of former Ignite computer technician Gilbert Trevino on six outstanding warrants including third degree felony charges for stealing trade secrets.

Now a former Ignite public school employee who wishes to remain anonymous is speaking out, saying district administrators knew what had happened and failed to report it.

He tells Action 4 a staff member confessed and reported to school administration that someone was copying and selling TEXES exams but when they were told just before the school year started, the administration looked the other way.

"There was an opportunity to fix a serious break in security and the current admin didn't do their part and took extra effort to hide it which is appalling, the former employee said.

The former employee goes on to say the CEO actually instructed the employee to change his report.

"Not only was it not reported, they tried to cover it up. It's such a serious issue that it involves potential teacher licensure, he said. "Any breach of that security is important as educators we have responsibility to monitor that so when there is a break in security we need to do what we can to fix it."

The case is now in the hands of the Hidalgo County District Attorney's Office and charges against others involved may be made.

Action 4 did reach out to the district superintendent but we have yet to receive a response.