Man exposes Brownsville crack house, prostitution with posted sign at home

Altamirano posted this sign to try and stop the crime

Mike Altamirano has had enough with alleged criminal activity stemming from a Brownsville home.

"I am extremely frustrated," he said.

He's so frustrated that he posted a giant sign outside the property where the reported crime has to stop.

"6624 5th Avenue has been the place where vagrants, derelicts, hobos, crack heads, prostitutes are picked up and dropped off," he said.

Mike gives Action 4's Ryan Wolf a tour of the seedy property in question that he fears may collapse.

It doesn't take long to spot the dangers inside.

There are half-boarded windows, cracked and crumbling walls.

The ceiling even bows downward from the weight of water on the roof, according to Mike.

"This may come down with any heavy rain," he said while pointing towards the roof.

Then there are the empty liquor bottles and beer cans strewn about the floor.

Mike's even spotted drug paraphernalia on occasions and has called the cops.

He's known about the alleged problems because Mike actually owns the building.

He and four other siblings obtained the home after their mother passed away.

For the last three years, he's been unsuccessful with trying to get the home torn down because the siblings can't agree on what to do with the property.

Mike lives just a few homes away.

He can see the property from his windows.

An alleged sexual assault victim ran to his home back in May trying to seek help from neighbors following a reported attack there.

"The signs clearly state that we are frustrated, my family is frustrated, I am frustrated," Mike said. "Something has to be done."

He recently had his brother locked up on an unrelated charge linked to child support payments with the Cameron County Sheriff's Office in a desperate attempt to save him and the neighborhood, according to Mike.

"Do you think this is a war you can win?" Ryan asked.

"I think so," Mike answered.

He hopes the entire community will join his fight now that the writing is on the wall and a sign posted outside.

A Brownsville Police Department spokesperson confirms there have been numerous calls regarding criminal activity stemming from the home in question.

Police officers say they plan to beef up patrol in the area.

A city inspector says he plans to check out the condition of the property as early as Tuesday following a call from Action 4 News. Click here to follow Ryan Wolf on Facebook

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