Man exposes, pleasures himself at San Benito stoplight

San Benito Police Department: Ramiro Medrano Jr.

A 29-year-old was arrested on Saturday for exposing himself in front of a woman at a San Benito stoplight.

The woman driver said she was at the intersection of Business 77 and N. Sam Houston when it happened.

She told police that a man driving a Chrysler Sebring made eye contact with her at the stop light.

The man proceeded to reach into his shorts, exposed his genitals and then pleasured himself in front of the woman.

He continued to do those gestures once the light turned green.

The woman followed his car and contacted police.

San Benito officers were able to pull over the driver.

He was identified as Ramiro Medrano Jr.

According to police, he showed signs of being intoxicated and had several 24 oz. cans of beer inside the car.

Medrano was charged with evading arrest/detention in a motor vehicle, driving while intoxicated and public lewdness.

His bond was set at $27,500.