Man fights for more wheelchair access around city of Hidalgo

For over thirty years, Eddie White had managed to live his life despite being confined to a wheelchair.

He said, while he can adjust to many obstacles life throws his way, not being provided the adequate resources to get around a city is something he will not adjust to.

One place has a chip in the sidewalk---I actually tipped my chair over onto the road. A man had to come over and help me get back up, Eddie explained. It TMs dangerous for disabled people.

For month, Eddie claims, he has asked the City of Hidalgo to add more sidewalks, access ramps for wheelchairs, and even an automatic door to city hall----that would allow him and other people easier access inside.

He told Action 4 News there has been no movement on the request.

I can TMt get no help from the city to get things fixed so I don TMt keep damaging my chair.

Eddie decided to take legal action against the City of Hidalgo. He hopes it will light a fire under the administration to do something.

I love this town here. I will probably be here until I die. They need to catch up to the 21st century and provide services to those who are handicap and keep them safe.

Action 4 News spoke to Hidalgo city manager Joe Vera and he said, while the city cannot comment on pending litigation, the city does what it can to work with all of their citizens.