Man flees after cold blooded stabbing in Starr County

      Ruben Sanchez // SCSD

      Authorities are searching for a man wanted for killing a person after residents found the victim in a pool of blood.

      The Star County Sheriff TMs Department is looking for 39-year-old Ruben Sanchez, known as El Llanterro for stabbing a man and leaving him for dead.

      The sheriff TMs office responded to the call after a man was found dead in Las Lomas around 12:30 a.m. Sunday.

      As authorities arrived to the scene, victim Saul Ruvalcaba was lying face down, surrounded by a pool of blood.

      Emergency Medical Services checked the 34-year-old TMs vitals, and determined the victim was dead.

      A pre-autopsy determined that Ruvalcaba died from a stab wound to the chest and a slash wound to his neck.

      Sanchez, the person of interest, is a resident of Las Lomas.

      The 39-year-old suspect was last seen leaving the scene in a blue/black Dodge Neon.

      The vehicle is an older model with two orange racing stripes on the car.

      A motive for the murder is not known at this time.

      The Starr County Sheriff TMs Department is asking for anyone with information on the murder, to call (956) 487-5571.

      We TMll keep you updated as soon as details are made available.