Man found guilty of raping mentally challenged half-sister

A choked up Mark Anzaldua begged a jury to be fair when deciding his punishment.

Because I have a second family, said Anzaldua. I miss my little, baby girl."

The jury found Anzaldua guilty of raping his mentally challenged half-sister.

A D.N.A. test showed he fathered her baby.

"If she was here right now, I would tell her that what I did was very bad, and I am so, so sorry, said Anzaldua.

But the prosecution didn't want Anzaldua's tears to take a toll on the jury.

To demonstrate his lack of regret, they showed Facebook pictures of Anzaldua partying and drinking.

The photos were reportedly taken after Anzaldua sexually assaulted his half-sister.

According to the victim's aunt and caretaker, the trauma of the rapes resulted in violent outbursts from her niece.

"She gets mad, and when she gets mad she throws tantrums, hits, kicks, said the aunt.

Meanwhile, Anzaldua TMs distraught wife testified she needs him around as a father to their baby girl.

"He helps me out when she's sick, said the wife. He takes her to the doctor."

The baby Anzaldua fathered with his half-sister is now two-years-old and under the care of the victim's aunt.

During trial, Anzaldua expressed a desire to see his son but said Child Protective Services would not allow it.

The judge revoked Anzaldua TMs bond for the first time since Anzaldua was arrested.

He'll spend the night in jail until a jury decides his sentence Thursday.

Mark Anzaldua is not alone in this case.

His father and two brothers are also charged with sexually assaulting the mentally challenged victim.

The victim's mother is charged for failing to protect her daughter from being sexually assaulted.