Man jailed after knocking out father-in-law with metal chair

      Daniel Deleon // Harlingen PD

      A Harlingen man was arrested after he allegedly attacked his father-in-law with a metal chair, leaving him unconscious.

      The incident happened Sunday night on the 600 block of South M Street in Harlingen.

      According to police, Daniel Deleon was fighting with his father-in-law where he knocked him to the ground.

      Investigators said 28-year-old Deleon continued to punch the victim, and struck him with a metal chair.

      The victim was knocked unconscious after he was reportedly unable to defend himself.

      Harlingen police said the victim suffered a cut to his forehead, and received medical attention for the injury.

      Police arrested Deleon for aggravated assault of a family member, and transported him to the Harlingen City Jail for processing.

      A bond of $75,000 was set for Deleon.