Man jailed after making fun, cursing at woman at Whataburger

Eduardo Lopez Jr. // San Benito PD

A man is behind bars after he allegedly cursed at a woman after she asked for an apology when he made fun of her at a Whataburger restaurant.

Police arrived at the restaurant on the 1100 block of west Business 77 around 1:30 p.m. Thursday.

The 65-year-old victim told police that Eduardo Lopez Jr. was swearing at her.

Lopez was reportedly making fun of the woman, and she had asked for an apology from him.

That TMs when 28-year-old Lopez began cussing at her.

Lopez told police that he had the right to say whatever he wanted, while he continued to use vulgar language in front of the public.

As Lopez continued to use explicit language, the officer warned and arrested the 28-year-old.

He was charged with disorderly conduct and taken to the San Benito Jail.

San Benito Municipal Court Judge David Garza set Lopez TMs fine at $500 dollars.

Lopez's family spoke to Action 4 News about the incident.

Family members said Lopez was eating with his friends and were talking but the elderly woman thought they were talking about her.

According to his family, the elderly woman started the incident telling them that they were "not raised right" and Lopez replied by telling her to "take a chill pill."

But the elderly woman's family told Action 4 News that Lopez told the woman, "Dont' forget to take your pill, b@#$%."

The woman's family said San Benito police arrested Lopez because he was using vulgar language while speaking to a police officer who responded to the scene.