Man jailed after spitting on, threatening to kill police officer

Carlos Cortez, Jr. // Cameron County Jail Photo

A San Benito man is behind bars after a disturbance where he spit on and threatened to kill a Primera police officer who arrested him.

Primera police arrested 32-year-old Carlos Cortez, Jr. on multiple criminal charges early Sunday morning.

Court records reveal that the who incident started with a fight at the Oasis Mobile Home park off West Wilson Road.

Police officers arrived at the scene where Cortez allegedly crashed his white Chevrolet Impala into a patrol car.

Cortez allegedly left but pulled into the driveway of a nearby lot where he got out of the car and started walking over to the patrol car.

Officer drew their weapons because they believed Cortez may have had a knife and ordered him to the ground.

Cortez complied on the officer TMs third request but allegedly told them he didn TMt do anything wrong.

The 32-year-old was in handcuffs when he allegedly started kicking the patrol car TMs window while in the backseat.

Court records show that an officer asked him to stop but Cortez replied with expletives and by spitting on the officer TMs face.

Cortez allegedly told the officer that he was going to find him, kill him and kill his family.

Investigators charged Cortez with assault of a public servant, retaliation, DWI and accident involving damage to a vehicle.

Cortez remains in custody at the Cameron County Jail under $21,500 dollars in bonds.

Court records show that Cortez has a criminal history going back to 1998 for charges including interfering with duties of a public servant, marijuana and burglary.