Man jailed for DWI after wife jumps out of his SUV in Harlingen

Israel Sauceda // Harlignen Police Department Photo

A San Benito Man is facing criminal charges in Harlingen after his wife jumped out of his car on Tuesday night.

Witnesses at the Bonita Park Housing Project off Rangerville Road called police to report a woman lying in the middle of the street.

Paramedics rushed the 43-year-old woman to the hospital after jumping out of an SUV driven by her husband Israel Sauceda.

Police found 46-year-old Sauceda a few apartments down the street allegedly showing signs of intoxication.

It TMs not clear why the woman jumped out of the car but police arrested Sauceda under felony DWI charges.

Court records show that he had three prior DWI convictions.

Sauceda appeared before a Harlingen municipal judge on Wednesday morning where he was issued a $25,000 dollar bond.