Man jailed for threatening to kill Sheriff Lupe Trevio

Sheriff Lupe Treviño // File Photo

A Hidalgo County man is behind bars after he allegedly threatened the life of Sheriff Lupe Trevio.

Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office deputies arrested 39-year-old Smith Delgado on multiple criminal charges on Friday.

Investigators told Action 4 News that deputies arrested Delgado on an Injury to a child/elderly/disabled with intent to commit bodily injury charge.

But Delgado also allegedly used a disabled cell phone to call 911 and make a threat of kill the sheriff.

This is the 3rd individual in the last year to threaten the Sheriff and been identified.

Gustavo Lozano has plead guilty while Carlos Medina was found executed in Mexico back in July.

Sheriff Trevio issued a statement about the arrest.

As a public official I expect resistance to my enforcement policies and lies and rumors to be spread about me," Trevio said. "I accept this as part of my job description. But when an individual blatantly threatens law enforcement, then he has shown no regard for the safety and well being of the entire community and we take this very serious.

Delgado is expected to be arraigned on Saturday.

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