Man jailed for using counterfeit cash to buy breakfast tacos

Abraham Nava // Edinburg Police Department Photo

Authorities are investigating how a man got a hold of $60 dollars in counterfeit cash.

Edinburg police arrested 24-year-old Abraham Nava on two counts of forgery on Thursday.

Investigators told Action 4 News that Nava used a fake $20 dollar bill at a Denny's restaurant off Monte Cristo Road.

Police said Nava then used another fake $20 dollar bill buy a breakfast taco at a Stripes off Schunior Road.

The store clerk learned that the bill was fake and called police.

Officers arrested Nava on the 1400 block of University Drive where he allegedly had another fake $20 dollar bill.

Nava appeared before an Edinburg Muncipal Court judge on Friday afternoon where he was issued $60,000 in bonds.

Police said investigators are interviewing Nava to find out the source fo the counterfeit bils.