Man Jumps Into Arroyo

Residents of the Rio Hondo apartments were startled to hear sirens in their typically quiet neighborhood and even more surprised to learn that there had been an alleged domestic disturbance nearby.

Neighbors in the area were concerned about the victim and pointing us in the direction that he ran, said Rio Hondo Police Chief Weldon Matlock.

Chief Matlock says when police arrived on the 100 block of South Arroyo Thursday night, they were told Jose Villarreal had allegedly attacked a woman..

When police tried to arrest him, he weaved in and out of apartments until making his way to the arroyo.

"He jumped from the bridge onto a ledge and then in the water, said Matlock.

He kept swimming back and forth and got away from us.

A few hours later, officers received another call that someone had spotted Villarreal hiding out in the bushes back at the Rio Hondo apartments.

He was finally arrested when authorities closed in on him but Villarreal didn't give in without a fight.

"He did resist and once he was cuffed and placed in the unit and he kicked out the window, said Matlock.

Rio Hondo Police Chief says Villarreal was apparently intoxicated.

He was taken to the Cameron County Jail.

Jose Villarreal was charged Friday with assault family violence, criminal mischief as well as evading and resisting arrest.

Villarreal was given a 20 thousand dollars bond.