Man out on bond after lying about hitting child with belt

Emilio Torres // Donna PD

A father is out on bond after he allegedly hit his daughter with a belt after she told him to stop tickling her.

The incident happened in May while the children were staying with Emilio Morales.

Documents stated that Morales hit the 8-year-old with a belt, leaving a bruise on the child TMs hip.

The altercation happened after Morales was reportedly tickling the child, and she was telling her father to stop, hitting him on the head.

Morales then became angry and reportedly said, This is the last time you TMre going to hit me.

Authorities said 31-year-old Morales told the child TMs mother she fell of a swing during her visit with him.

Investigators said Morales was charged with injury to a child.

He is currently out of the Hidalgo County jail on a $3,000.