Man pawns ex-roommates electronics, steals 18-pack of beer

Ricardo Angel Reyes // Harlingen Police Department

A Harlingen man is behind bars after racking up several charges for theft and running away from police custody while at a local hospital.

David Cameron allegedly stole his roommates electronics including a Nintendo Wii, 37 inch and 50 inch televisions, a Blu-ray player and a laptop.

The 19-year-old stole the electronics valued at approximately $759.00 from his former roomate and then pawned them at a local pawn shop.

An arrest warrant was issued for Cameron back in August.

Harlingen police were dispatched to the Stripes store located on the 700 block of Commerce Street in Harlingen after two men stole an 18-pack of beer on Tuesday.

Police pursued the suspects and pulled the driver of the van over.

A background check revealed Cameron was wanted on multiple theft charges and was booked at the city jail.

When being held at the jail, Cameron requested medical treatment and was transported to the hospital.

The 19-year-old then left the hospital without authorization.

That TMs when Harlingen Police Department TMs Targeted Response Unit tracked down Cameron.

He jumped a fence and ran toward a canal in an attempt to avoid being arrested again, according to Harlingen police.

Cameron was tracked down and arrested in a grassy area near the 1200 block of Little Creek in Harlingen.

He was then rebooked at the Harlingen City Jail.

The beer was returned to the convenience store and Ricardo Angel Reyes was also arrested in connection to the stolen beer.

Cameron TMs bond was set at $8,500, and he was fined $6,984.50.

Reyes was issued a $2,101 fine for outstanding warrants and a theft charge for the stolen beer.