Man seeking justice for dog killed with machete

The incident report

Luis Ortiz told Action 4 New when he got out of the army he did not have much, but he had his dog and best friend Mijo.

"I had something to look forward to everyday, Ortiz said. He was always there for me. He just loved me so much."

So on May 10th when he saw Mijo lying in a pool of blood, just inches from his home, Ortiz said he could not understand what happened.

That TMs when, he said, he saw the cuts to the dogs nose and head.

"I just couldn't believe it. My dog was struck four times with a machete, said Ortiz. It's not humane."

Ortiz followed the trail of blood Mijo left behind to the end of the street. It was at that time Ortiz believed he knew who killed his dog.

Ortiz said he immediately called the Hidalgo County Sheriff TMs Department and filed a report.

"All you want to do is take care of your pup, said Ortiz. You just want to hold him and do everything for him."

Action 4 News obtained a copy of the incident report.

The report states that the neighbor in question feared for his life when Mijo went onto his property.

In the report the neighbor claimed Mijo acted aggressive and barked at him and his family.

The neighbor admitted to hitting the dog, but only to get him off of his property.

The report stated that because Ortiz failed to secure his dog no charges will be filed.