Man shoots dog with BB gun and ends up in jail

Residents on Amigos Lane in Mercedes are divided over the actions of one of their neighbors.

"He shot him", with a BB gun after Rosa Guevara says her husband Edgar Benitez got fed up with dealing with the dog next door.

"He would come into our garage where our dogs were and he would make a mess.

Edgar tried to talk to the owner and he shushed the dog away but he kept coming back," said Rosa.

The incident is caught on surveillance camera from the house across the street where Christina Martinez lives and is backing up the suspect's decision to shoot at the dog.

"We have called the city so many times on this dog. We try to talk to the owner, but he doesn't listen to us. The dog digs up my plants and tries to get into my backyard where I have a dog. If my dog hurts him then I get in trouble. He should be on a leash," said Christina.

The dog had been inside Rosa's garage where Edgar's dog finds shelter from the sun, and was making a mess of new bags of dirt they had just purchased.

Edgar ran out of patience.

"He didn't shoot him to kill him," she said.

On the video, after getting shot with a BB, the dog heads back to his owner's home and lingers on the front porch for several minutes before the owner's wife comes out to get him and put him in the backyard. Neighbors say if the owner's had done that in the place and kept the dog from roaming the street freely, this would not have happened.

We attempted to get the owner's side of the story and check on the dog's condition, but after repeatedly ringing their doorbell and knocking on the door, no one came out to talk to us. We did notice blood spattered around the porch area.

Edgar is behind bars for animal cruelty, but his family and supporters say even though they are all pet lovers, he was justified in using force against the animal to protect his property.

"I think what he did was the right thing. He tried to get the owner to tie the dog up but he didn't," said Christina.

Christina claims she has made several reports with the city on this dog in particular since it appears to have mange and is always walking around the neighborhood unleashed.

The condition of the dog is unknown at this hour, but neighbors claim he was walking around without a limp shortly after the incident. He was apparently shot with the BB in the backside.