Man shoots wife, daughter, and daughter's boyfriend; defends his actions

An estranged family going through a divorce led to a disturbing case of domestic violence.

And the husband, who is the alleged shooter, defends himself.

He says his family disrespected his authority as man of the house.

But this mission family was left in terror and desperation on Friday night.

Police say at 9:45pm shots were fired on the two thousand block of East FM 496.

Chief Martin Garza with Mission Police says the husband allegedly forced himself into the home, where he opened fire on his wife, his daughter, and his daughter's boyfriend.

"He forces himself through the back door, goes directly to one of the daughter's bedrooms, where the daughter gets shot, the boyfriend of the daughter also gets shot inside the bedroom. Then the husband goes into another area of the home where the wife also gets shot," said Chief Garza.

But at his arraignment today, Talal Nimer had a very different story.

With cuts, bruises, and bandages on his head, he told Action 4 news this incident is everyone's fault but his.

Although he admitted his wife was divorcing him because he cheated on her, he said she was getting back at him by allowing his 20-year-old daughter to have a boyfriend, a boyfriend that is not of their Muslim religion.

He says shots were fired inside the house as a result of a struggle for the revolver between he and the boyfriend.

"I was holding the gun to make him go. And he grabbed the gun and we started struggling," said Nimer.

However, Mission police say that the struggle occurred after Nimer had already shot at his family.

Police say the boyfriend fought back, after Nimer had attacked all of them first.

"The boyfriend was able to run into the kitchen, grab a knife, and use that knife to defend the rest of the family. By that time officers arrived to subdue the subject," said Chief Garza.

Nimer was immediately taken into custody, but transported to the hospital due to his injuries.

The wife suffered three gunshot wounds to her legs. The daughter had one to her neck, and the boyfriend had one to his hand.

As for Nimer, the only sign of emotion was when the judge told him he was going to jail.

He cried, and weakly stumbled over himself once the arraignment was finished.

The judge denied bond for Nimer due to his family ties in Lebanon, fearing that he could post bond and flee the country.

All three victims remain in the hospital in stable condition.