Man spits in face of officer during arrest

      Juan Jose Garcia // Harlingen PD

      According to authorities, Juan Jose Garcia spit saliva in the face of a Harlingen officer while he was being arrested.

      Harlingen police stopped Garcia Friday night after he was driving a red 1998 Jeep SUV with the headlights off on the 2700 block of E. Harrison Avenue.

      Harlingen police told Action 4 News that 28-year-old Garcia was not cooperating during the arrest and spit saliva at the officer.

      A 15-year-old girl was, who was reported as a runaway, was in the vehicle with Garcia.

      The minor had almost a pound of marijuana during the time of the arrest.

      The 15-year-old minor was transported to the Harlingen police department and released to her guardian.

      Garcia was transported to the Harlingen City Jail for processing.

      A bond total amount of $25,249.70 was set for the 28-year-old for harassment of a public servant and traffic violations & MC warrants.