Man stole beer & cigarettes to "calm down" from cocaine

      Harlingen Police Department: Eluid Arturo Martinez

      A man claims he stole from a Harlingen convenience store because he needed to calm down from cocaine he had just snorted.

      Police were responding to a theft at the Stripes Convenience Store on the 1700 block of F Street early Monday morning.

      The theft suspect, Eluid Arturo Martinez, flagged down officers to let them know he stole a 24 oz can of Budlight beer and a pack of Marlboro cigarettes.

      Police found a small plastic bag of cocaine in Martinez TM front pocket, which the 26-year-old said he had just snorted.

      Authorities said Martinez also had two warrants for $497.90.

      He was taken to the City Jail and charged with possession of a controlled substance, public intoxication and miscellaneous warrants.

      His bonds total $5,834.

      The clerk from the store did not want to file charges, according to police.